“Are You in a Dangerously Abusive Relationship?
Identify the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse
So You Can Arrest It Before It Spirals Out of Control”

Warning Signs

From the Desk of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Dear Friend,

When you're in the forest, "You can't see the forest for the trees." You’ve heard this. You know this.

Let's face it, how can you see the forest when your visual field only takes in a fraction of its mass. You only see the individual trees that make up the forest; but you don't see the forest as a whole.

The same is true for domestic violence. When you’re "in an abusive relationship" and you're part of the dynamic, it's not possible to see its whole mass. You see its details, but it's difficult to see the dynamic as a whole.

You may feel its many facets and know its ugly branches of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse.

But the full enigma eludes you. There is no sight of the full gestalt (the complete picture) until part of you steps out of the relationship and grasps it beyond and outside of yourself. From here, you can see the danger, the current destruction and the horrible, devastating potential.

There is ONE other time when you have this vision and that is before you step into the forest...before you fully engage in the relationship and become a part of the dynamic.

This is why we hear that EDUCATION is PREVENTION. And PREVENTION is the CURE for domestic abuse.

We’ve just met, so let me introduce myself...as you may be wondering, why listen to me?

I have been helping people identify, end and heal from intimate partner violence for nearly a decade. And I serve as a consulting expert on both civil and criminal cases of domestic abuse.

The first book I wrote on the subject, All But My Soul, became a college textbook in criminal justice. Since this time, I’ve published over 100 articles on identifying, ending and healing physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

I am a seasoned psychologist of 27 years. And this background gives me the benefit of understanding the psychosocial dynamics that bind abusive relationships as well as the mechanics of healing relationship abuse.

Healing Wisdom

Knowing "It" from the Inside Out

But all of my knowledge about the dynamics of abusive relationships and healing from partner abuse doesn’t come from the hundreds of books I have read or from the people I have helped. It also comes from the fact that I, too, lived the nightmare of emotional, verbal and physical abuse until the domestic violence spiraled out of control.

So I know it from the inside out, as well. And I know how hard it is to sort out what's his/hers from what’s yours.

I truly understand how important it is for you to clearly identify your predicament and find solutions when you’re struggling with domestic abuse at home and in your relationship. And I know the benefits this will yield to you and to your entire family.

End Your Confusion about Abusive Relationships

In as little as one hour, you can be well on your way identifying the social and psychological dynamics of domestic abuse. You will see what binds abusive relationships and learn to recognize them before they spiral out of control.

"It reinforced for me more about what I had acknowledged about the abuse. I must say it even validates the victim too. They will realize where the crazy making and confusion that an abuser does to his or her victim comes from." Anonymous Survivor

"I have read and viewed much of your work on abusive relationships and find your knowledge enlightening, informative and meaningful." Kate Carlson, Author

"Dr. King's book helped me to easily understand how the isolation crept into place without my realization until it was almost absolute. I cannot allow such a slow smothering disease to injury me again. Better educated, I am better prepared." Anonymous Survivor

"For the first time, I experienced "being heard." Reading these books resonated too deeply at times, and on other occasions gave voice and perspective to unresolved questions that have been brewing within. Thank you so much! I found it an enormously beneficial, enlightening and supportive experience." Anonymous Survivor

"understanding yourself"
"personal validation"

These are the words people use to describe Dr. King’s writing. She doesn’t write looking at abuse or you for being abused as though there is something wrong with you. Oh no; rather she brings deep compassion and understanding to you about the mechanics, the dynamics and the inner experience of being abused. And through this, you find your own personal strength AND your own answers!

Domestic Abuse Dynamics: Identifying Abuse
How to Identify Domestic Abuse before It Spirals Out of Control

Features and Benefits

Shows you the difference between "being abusive" and "being an abuser," helping you evaluate the true danger potential of your relationship.

Clearly guides you to grasp how and why emotional verbal abuse is NOT about you, freeing you of owning your partner’s battering behavior.

Tells you what to do and what not to do when on the receiving end of verbal emotional abuse, so that you best protect yourself and interrupt its insidious flow.

Shows you how and why emotional and verbal abuse are more friend than foe, giving you a perspective on how you can end the cycle of domestic abuse.

Helps you clearly understand the distinction between violence that is a byproduct of substance abuse and violence that is characteristic of intimate partner violence.

Reveals the subtle communication patterns of abusive relationships so that you can spot the forest before getting lost in the trees of domestic abuse.

Helps you recognize domestic abuse as a human issue beyond the gender factor, giving you greater insight into the dynamics of battering behavior.

Shows you the role of jealousy in an abusive relationship, which helps you see if the jealousy in your own relationship is an indication or sign of intimate partner abuse.

Reveals the 3 ways isolation serves an abusive partner, and shows you how you can cope with isolation in an abusive relationship to best protect yourself.

Helps you see how emotional verbal abuse serves to maintain the threat of physical abuse, giving you greater insight into part of the glue that binds abusive relationships.

Gives you the 3 keys to surviving the conditioning in an abusive relationship, helping you to avoid becoming part of a destructive dynamic.

Reveals the 4 inner deaths of domestic violence so you can avert conditioning that kills from the inside out in abusive relationships.

Helps you understand the impact of domestic abuse on self-esteem, which in and of itself serves to remind you of who you are beyond the abusive relationship.

Offers the 5 benefits of learning to identify intimate partner abuse beyond avoiding danger in dating relationships.

Shows you the 5 "Red Flags" of intimate partner violence, giving you a way of seeing if you are indeed in a dangerously abusive relationship.

Stop Domestic Abuse

For as little as one-fifth of a professional therapy session, you can have thousands of dollars of insight and information to help you shine the light on domestic abuse as it lives in one’s life.


And even better, you can have it right now from this website in a downloadable PDF file. No delivery, no shipping. Simple easy, immediate access to help you usher in peace, protection and closure, today.

And that’s not all. You will also receive 3 special reports (valued at $15) when you obtain your Domestic Abuse Dynamics: Identifying Abuse eBook today.

3 Deadly Mistakes Domestic Abuse Survivors Make When Leaving an Abusive Relationship

How to Stay Out of the Line of Fire When It Comes to Verbal Abuse

Who’s Crazy? The Psychosocial Politics of Domestic Violence

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May there be peace and well-being for you and yours.

Kindest regards,

Partners in Prevention
Jeanne King, Ph.D.
Rosemary King
Steve Rose
Wes Hahn

PS. 1 out of every 3 women will be assaulted by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

PPS. 37% of domestic abuse victims each year are men.

We know when you are under the stress of domestic violence or legal domestic abuse that it is hard to focus and time is of the essence. Our collection of eBooks takes you by the hand and walks you to vital information packed with years of professional insight that you can assimilate instantly...providing you with guidance, clarity and direction.

You will not have to tease through hundreds and hundreds of pages to get a handful of meaningful insights. Rather this eBook contains decades of Dr. King's insights and expert knowledge without any tedious fluff.

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