When you need domestic abuse help the most, sometimes finding the right help is most difficult. The "right" help is critical in domestic abuse situations.

Domestic violence services are as varied as the needs of those seeking service. There are free emergency crisis intervention services for those requiring protection from immediate danger. There are shelter services for those needing housing and safety.

There are domestic violence expert consulting services for those needing an expert witness. There are domestic violence counseling services for those wanting help healing the wounds of relationship violence.

We offer domestic violence counseling and consulting services to individuals from all walks of life and in varying phases of the cycle of domestic abuse.

The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program is a finely tuned domestic violence treatment protocol, integrating a psychoeducational intervention promoting change for batterers and a psychotherapeutic intervention facilitating healing for domestic abuse survivors.

These clinically proven interventions are the appropriate mode of treatment for intimate partner violence, and are delivered by licensed psychologists specializing in the treatment domestic violence.

The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program combines these interventions in a parallel and concurrent format. Each partner receives their therapy individually, unlike traditional marital therapy.

This is your alternative to marital therapy, which you may know is counter-indicated for intimate partner abuse. (In other words, martial therapy is not effective for domestic abuse treatment.)

The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program is an innovative treatment combination designed to end domestic abuse and save your marriage. For more information about this program, please visit: Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program.

The Family Violence Intervention is typically inspired by a close friend or family member of the abused. It is most often initiated prior to the individual in the abusive relationship awakening to the danger in which they live.

The intervention begins with contact from the concerned family member or friend. The focus of the first phase of the intervention is information and data collection.

Once the network of support is established to bridge the expertise into a consulting relationship with the abused, phase two of the intervention begins. This phase involves personal counseling and psychotherapy for the individual in the abusive relationship.

Individual Counseling or Psychotherapy is designed for, and initiated by, an individual that is a survivor of intimate partner violence or is a partner in interactional relationship abuse.

We employ a client/patient-centered approach integrating humanistic insight-oriented psychotherapy and energy psychology, by a seasoned psychologist and domestic violence victim advocate. The energy psychology modalities we employ are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Clinically Standardized Meditaiton and EEG Coherence Training.

The counseling and psychotherapy sessions are conducted by telephone or Zoom, and range from 50 to 75 minutes per session.


When Batterers Re-victimize Victims... Falsely Accused of Domestic Abuse?

It’s no secret that abusers use law enforcement to control their victims. When all else fails and they feel they are losing the grip of their control, they reach for the aid of the system to control their partners.

Our goal is to help you identify and evidence intimate partner violence when you are the victimized party. Our commitment to this end stems from our desire to insure that domestic abuse survivors not be victimized by a perpetrator's use of the system to batter them.


Consulting for Legal Domestic Abuse is available for those in an abusive relationship who are interfacing with the healthcare and/or legal system. Most often this is a domestic abuse survivor involved in divorce proceedings with child custody litigation, or the threat of custody litigation or child custody reconsideration.

We are highly sensitive to the impact of the legal abuse syndrome and allegations of parental alienation. Our expertise is in helping abuse victims protect their rights, liberties and mental health status.

All consulting sessions are conducted by telephone or skype. On site consultations are arranged as necessary and required by the case.

"Dear Dr. King, You helped me change my life.


I firmly believe that without your books, your website, and your phone consultations (and unending prayer!), my children would now be in the full custody of their father.


This time, the batterer didn't win! You equipped me with such clarity about what was happening both within the court system and within my relationship with my abusive husband. That clarity helped me to separate who HE said I was, from who I really am. It also gave me a strength from within that I no idea even existed. Slowly but surely, with your encouragement and education, I began to operate from a position of strength and knowledge rather than from the position of a victim.


I, the terrified and terrorized woman who cried incessantly for months when he filed for custody, who could not bear to look at the court papers or read the GAL report, turned in to this woman of such strength. My children and me can't thank you enough.


I am so immensely grateful!" Former Consulting Client

Brief Biography of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D

Dr. King

Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, domestic violence consultant and leading expert in identifying the subtle communication patterns of battering relationships.

She brings over 30 years of clinical practice and seasoned psychotherapeutic healing skills to help individuals and couples in abusive relationships.

Dr. King has extensive experience working with domestic abuse victims in high conflict divorce cases involving spousal abuse and/or child abuse and custody litigation. She has expertise in helping domestic violence survivors combat allegations of parental alienation, mental illness and, in extreme cases, improper psychiatric labeling.

To learn more about Dr. King's professional experience, please see her full biography and curriculum vita.

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