"Please Help Me Help My Friend, My Son,
My Daughter in an Abusive Relationship."

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From the Desk of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Dear Family Member and Friend,

Why do people dislike, and often mistrust, victims of domestic abuse?

I think it's because domestic abuse victims fall back on their own word. One day they're telling you how bad he/she is, and the next they are making up excuses for their partner's behavior.

You want so much to help your daughter, your son, your friend...but you know doing so is not easy. In fact, it has already proven to be a pain in the neck.

Yet from the core of your being is a voice that says, "If I don't, who will?" And how about this one: "How will I feel if he kills her (or she kills him)?"

Family and friends of domestic violence survivors struggle with issues around responsibility and ownership. And the dance they do is one of love and frustration.

If your daughter or your son, or your friend is in an abusive relationship, I encourage you to read this page very carefully.

We’ve just met, so let me introduce myself...as you may be wondering, why listen to me?

I have been helping people identify, end and heal from intimate partner violence for nearly a decade. And I serve as a consulting expert on both civil and criminal cases of domestic abuse.

The first book I wrote on the subject, All But My Soul, became a college textbook in criminal justice. Since this time, I’ve published over 100 articles on identifying, ending and healing physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

I am a seasoned psychologist of 27 years. And this background gives me the benefit of understanding the psychosocial dynamics that bind abusive relationships as well as the mechanics of healing relationship abuse.

Healing Wisdom

Knowing "It" from the Inside Out

But all of my knowledge about the dynamics of abusive relationships and healing from partner abuse doesn’t come from the hundreds of books I have read or from the people I have helped. It also comes from the fact that I lived the nightmare of emotional, verbal and physical abuse.

So I know it from the inside out, as well. And I know how hard it is to awaken someone in an abusive relationship. I know what a struggle it is for outsiders to shine the light on the danger that their loved ones live.

I truly understand how important it is for you to help your daughter, your son or your friend recognize their predicament and find solutions when they are struggling with domestic abuse at home and in their intimate relationship. And I know the benefits this will yield to you and to your entire family.

You Can Help Your Loved One in an Abusive Relationship

In as little as one hour, you can be well on your way understanding how you can best serve your daughter, your son or your friend in an abusive relationship. While it’s not your job to fix it for them, there are many things you will want to do and many things you’ll want to avoid doing. In the long run, you can help your loved one in an abusive relationship.

"My son is himself again. He’s not acting like her robot anymore. He’s his old happy open self." (mother of former victim of domestic abuse)

"My daughter left him because she won’t let him treat her like that. We are most grateful for your helping our daughter." (parents of former survivor)

"Sending my sister to the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen® gave us a way to talk about what she couldn't see before." C.M., California

Stop Domestic Abuse:
Helping Others Break the Cycle

Features and Benefits

Reveals the 5 things you must avoid doing if you want to best help your loved one in an abusive relationship.

Shows you the 5 things you will want to do to help your loved one awaken to, and deal with, their abusive relationship.

Teaches you the importance of the subtle communication patterns of abusive relationships, so you know the best points of focus in helping your loved one.

Offers the 3 essential keys to shining the light on relationship abuse in order to facilitate another person’s positive change.

Helps you better understand the wall of silence, and distance, around their relationship so that you can best penetrate the barrier of isolation.

Shows you the 3 deadly mistakes parents make when they come to the aid of their abused children, so you will be mindful of how not to sabotage your efforts.

Offers insight into the double dynamics of your relationship with your child in the context of your child’s relationship with her/his intimate partner.

Gives you insight into how you can best help your abused child benefit from professional psychological help that supports breaking the cycle of intimate partner abuse.

Provides you with the 3 reasons why she doesn’t just leave (or why he puts up with that), so that you can best support your child’s exit when the time is right.

Helps you see how emotional verbal abuse serves to maintain the threat of physical abuse, giving you greater insight into part of the glue that binds abusive relationships.

Shows you the number one key to giving oneself permission to leave an abusive relationship, so you can help create this for your loved one.

Tells you the 2 best points of intervention in which the victim is most empowered to leave the abusive relationship.

Reveals the top 7 things that you, as a friend, can do to help your friend in an abusive relationship.

Gives you the 3 secrets to saving your relationship with your loved one while they navigate the rough waters of domestic violence.

Helps you understand the limitations of your expectations that healthcare providers and clergy will deal with the abuse that plagues your loved one, you and your family.

Shows you why domestic violence prevention is the cure, and helps you see your role in inspiring abuse prevention in the lives of your children


For less than one-fifth of a professional therapy session, you can have thousands of dollars of insight and information to help you help your loved ones shine the light on domestic abuse. You can play a significant role in helping them awaken to the danger they live and deal with their circumstances in a way that serves their highest interest.


And even better, you can have it right now from this website in a downloadable PDF file. No delivery, no shipping. Simple easy, immediate access to help you usher in peace, protection and closure, today.

And that's not all. You will also receive 3 special reports (valued at $15) when you obtain your Stop Domestic Abuse: Helping Others Break the Cycle eBook today.

How to Recognize and Cope with the Isolation in an Abusive Relationship

Obstacles to Leaving an Abusive Relationship

5 Tips for Lifting Depression in and after an Abusive Relationship

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We wish you and yours peace, safety and well-being.

Kindest regards,

Partners in Prevention
Jeanne King, Ph.D.
Rosemary King
Steve Rose
Wes Hahn

PS. Hold reverence for the blessing that you are, as the lifeboat, for your loved one in an abusive relationship.

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