Controlling Relationship at Home?
Insights on Controlling Intimate Relationships
From Emotional to Sexual to Financial Control

Controlling Relationships

From the Desk of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Dear Friend,

Controlling relationships are confusing. On the surface, they appear benign. You merely believe that your spouse is domineering. And you yield to his/her dominance because it seems natural—or easier—to do so. Certainly, it keeps the harmony in your home—or so it might seem.

However, as the months and years unfold, you experience the toxicity of being controlled by your partner. You feel oppressed in your own kitchen. You hate the eggshells under your feet. And you grow to recoil from being your authentic self when your controlling spouse walks though the door.

Your partner's "take-charge" personality has robbed you of knowing and being what and who you are. What was once attractive about this person is now the thorn in your side.

You are in a controlling relationship. You long to change the control dynamics, while keeping your marriage intact and your family together. The question

If you are asking this question, then I encourage you to read the following page carefully!

We've just met, so let me introduce myself...
as you may be wondering, why listen to me?

I have been helping people identify and heal controlling abusive relationships for over a decade. And I serve as a consulting expert on both civil and criminal cases of intimate partner abuse.

The first book I wrote on the subject, All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control became a college textbook in criminal justice. Since this time, I've published 11 eBooks and over 350 articles on identifying, ending and healing from physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

I am a seasoned licensed psychologist of 30 years (at the time of this writing). This background gives me the benefit of understanding the psychosocial dynamics that bind abusive controlling relationships, as well as the mechanics of healing relationship abuse.

Knowing "It" from the Inside Out

Healing Wisdom

But all of my knowledge about domestic abuse intervention doesn't come from the hundreds of books I have read or from the people I have helped. It also comes from the fact that I, too, lived the nightmare and carried the pain of intimate partner abuse.

So I know it from the inside out, as well. And I know how hard it is to find professional help that truly understands the actual inner ache of abusive partner control AND the principles of healing relationship abuse.

I truly understand how important it is for you to end and heal from intimate partner control: emotional, sexual and financial. And I know how important it will ultimately be for your partner to break the cycle of abusive control.

Lastly, you and I both know the benefit this will have for your marriage and for your family...for your personal health and for the well-being of your little ones.

By profession, practice and expertise, I am a healer first. And my experience has shown me that people, at the core of their being, have the capacity for change.

Can I interest you in seeing how this may be possible for you and your partner?

End Emotional, Sexual and Financial Abusive Partner Control
in Your Relationship

In as little as one day, you can be well on your way to recognizing the dynamics underlying controlling relationships. Your understanding can open the door for breaking the cycle of abusive control...mental, emotional, sexual and financial. Changing these dynamics can set you on the path toward healing and creating an intimate relationship of mutual honoring, equality and respect.

"My husband sees me and treats me differently now. He shows his appreciation. I'm not living under his thumb, nor in my fear of him." Anonymous Survivor

"Your insights have help me and my partner rebuild from years of hurt. We have more trust and compassion in our relationship." Anonymous Reader

"I'd make it a point to get my hands on anything Dr. King writes concerning Domestic Abuse; a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Her compassion and understanding are like a breath of fresh air in a sea of information that is often difficult to navigate, but too critical not to." Tina Caldwell, GA

Controlling Intimate Relationships

Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control

Features and Benefits

Exposes the subjects all too often ignored and avoided in understating intimate partner abuse, including psychological, financial and sexual control.

Reveals the 5 signs of controlling relationships, giving you insight into the experience of when "we" means losing me.

Sheds light on the facts concering pregnant women's vulnerability to domestic abuse, illustrating the issues surrounding partner control and violence escalation.

Gives you the 6 keys to avoiding "gaslighting," helping you to prevent a common mental psychological abuse tactic in controlling relationships.

Helps you understand why controlling partners act like they are victims, equipping you with the knowledge to avoid falling prey to the classic violator's flip.

Shows you the dynamics of financial control, giving you insight on how financial abuse festers in controlling intimate relationships.

Helps you dispell the misconception of responsibility in controlling relationships, so that you and your partner can enjoy healthy boundraries and authenticity.

Reveals the sexual shorcomings of a controlling partner in bed, giving you insight into subtle—and signigicant—abusive intimate interaction.

Uncovers sex and control issues including sexual arousal, manipulation and mutual satisfaction, helping you recognize the dangerous elephant under the bed.

Shows the 5 communication patterns of spousal sexual control, arming you with the intimate and intricate insider secrets to identify partner abuse.

Examines the distinction between appeasment and authenticity, yeilding insight on barriers to a couple embracing one another's perspective.

Unveils the realities of mind-messing underlying emotional, mental, psycholgical control, helping you distinguish what is yours and what is not.

Gives you the essential keys to breaking the cycle of partner control, allowing you to create mutual honoring, regard, equality and respect in your intimate relationship.

Domestic Abuse Treatment

For as little as one-fifth of a professional therapy session, you can have all of this information and insight, today.


And even better, you can have it right now from this website in a downloadable PDF file. No delivery, no shipping. Simple easy immediate access to help you usher in peace, safety and well-being.

And that's not all. You will also receive 3 special reports (valued at $15) when you obtain your Controlling Intimate Relationships: Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control eBook today.

Verbal Abuse in Marriage – 7 Realities About Verbal Emotional Abuse

Domestic Violence "Tiffany's Style" – 5 Challenges of Wealthy Abused Women

Domestic Violence Divorce – How Abusers Use the System to Invalidate Domestic Violence Survivors

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May there be peace and well-being for you and yours.

Kindest regards,

Partners in Prevention
Jeanne King, Ph.D.

PS. Controlling relationships usually get more controlling without clear insight and effective intervention.

We know when you are under the stress of domestic violence or legal domestic abuse that it is hard to focus and time is of the essence. Our collection of eBooks takes you by the hand and walks you to vital information packed with years of professional insight that you can assimilate instantly...providing you with guidance, clarity and direction.

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Controlling Intimate Relationships:
Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control

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Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control

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