Domestic Abuse Survivors -
Obtaining Inner and Outer Wealth after Your Abusive Relationship

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

“How does a woman that has been out of the workforce for 20 years get the training and job skills that are needed to reenter the workforce, as well as overcome the emotional issues related to a lack of self-worth? And further, how is this done in the current employment environment?”

I hear this question over and over again. So let’s break it up into its obvious three parts and offer you an answer.

1) How do you acquire the training and skills to reenter the workforce?

Let’s say you are somewhere between 40 and 65 years old. You need to eat and have shelter, and you have no life profession or current work related skills.

If I were in that position, I would immediately start a “make-money-in-your-jammies” enterprise. I would acknowledge that I am a student of life and learn everything I could about selling the products and services that I enjoy creating. And if I didn’t have any, I’d market other products that I believe in and build an affiliate business for myself.

If you found me on the Internet, then you are probably aware, to some extent, of the voluminous opportunities to market products and services online. So essentially, I’m advocating your becoming an entrepreneur and use the Internet to develop and grow a business that can support you indefinitely.

You can do this on a shoe-string budget, and over time it can provide you with the financial security that you seek, while you serve people worldwide. Your market is huge. Your impact is global.

2) How do you overcome the emotional issues related to a lack of self-worth?

You re-build from the inside out. You will find that as you do what you love, you glow and you long to do more of it. As you do more of it, you shine and become a magnet for people to support your doing more and more of it. Truly, other people will insist that you do what you love because they want you to do it for them…(just as I’m writing for you right now.)

What does this have to do with your self-worth? When you are having fun doing what you love and this is making you self-sufficient, your “lack of self-worth” is no longer an issue, as you so clearly feel and see your worth, and so do those around you.

3) And further, how is this done in the current employment environment?

This question makes the case for my recommendations in response to questions one and two. With job cuts in almost every industry, creating work wherein you are your own boss, using the tools of the Internet and the passions that give your life purpose, puts you on top of the current employment environment.

If you have left an abusive relationship or are contemplating doing so, do not let your capacity to earn cause you to descend into a state of depression. Pick yourself up and look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What would I be doing, if I were financially free?”

Once you have the answer to that question, all of the other pieces can come together to enable your doing this. And as you do, you will be on your road to obtaining inner and outer wealth.

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