Healing from Emotional Abuse –
Effortless Writing and Healing Domestic Abuse

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

The state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep is known as the hypnogogic and hypnopompus states of awareness. In my experience the hypnogogic state is noted for “super-learning” and the hypnopompus state for “self-expression.”

This article focuses on the hypnopompus state and its relationship to your healing from emotional abuse of domestic violence. In other writings, you may have heard me talk about the healing effects of effortless writing.

Hypnopompus Effortless Writing and Healing Domestic Abuse

When you take yourself, while in that state of awakening, and indulge in a platform of self-expression, something transformational happens on many levels.

The mere expression and process of weaving words is an art form. It’s a heightened energy activity and millions of other cells in the body harmonize with it.

The net result of lingering in that state of awareness, while engaging a focused intentional “free-form” expressive activity, is transformational.

I liken it to a musician or a painter fully engaged in their expression and the elation/well-being that accompanies them after the practice, after the performance, after the art form is expressed.

Healing as Raising Energy and Sustaining Attention

Some people will tell you it’s the expressive part of writing and “getting off the chest” that has the healing effect, but I believe it’s far more than that.

I’m convinced that it’s the sustained attentional state through which the expression occurs that results in changes in thought, emotion and action. This is the healing effect of effortless writing upon awakening.

Conclusions for Your Own Healing after Abuse and Emotional Abuse Recovery

If you are longing to heal from the mental, emotional and psychological trauma of domestic abuse, try this little exercise and see for yourself. Make it a point to write immediately upon awakening. You be the judge.

It will amaze you to notice the impact that this innocent activity under these conditions has on you emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

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