Domestic Violence Therapy and Police Intervention ~ Creating a Recipe for Change

Domestic Violence Therapy
and Police Intervention

Creating a Recipe for Change

Dr. King


by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Does going to the police interrupt the cycle of abuse or ignite its spiraling out of control?

The argument is getting heated and objects are flying about. You get hit, kicked, dragged, pushed...And maybe there is an injury in the works associated with your assault.

Someone reaches for the phone or threatens to call the police. It all happens so fast; its often hard to recall minor details of the police intervention.

Domestic Violence and the Police

The 911 call and the police presence can stop things from escalating into more serious danger. Alternatively, the intervention itself can ignite domestic conflict and family abuse beyond your imagination.

There are as many versions to this story as there are people living it. Yet, a few common themes emerge.

Police intervention can halt things from spiraling out of control in the moment. And later...nothing may happen; therapeutic intervention could happen; or circumstances may become inflamed and the domestic abuse dynamics get worse.

Domestic Violence Abuse

In my experience with domestic abuse police interventions, one thing is certain: we cannot know the outcome until we are there. What we encounter most often is an initial awakening by shining the light.

Then, there is a back and forth of blame... internally and externally. This vacillation in personal accountability can be the turning point. The perpetrator or primary aggressor can grow to see the victim as their assailant.

From their point of view, the mere police intervention ultimately becomes an assault to them. The perpetrator is now the victim whose life is compromised by the police. Often these abusers set out to get even by using the legal system they object to as a weapon to disempower and control their abused partners.

Domestic Violence Change

Alternatively, shining the light can serve as a wake-up call that inspires a new opportunity for a family compromised by domestic abuse. With the combination of corrections and effective domestic abuse intervention, this family can be on the road to recovery.

If you are in a violent relationship with law enforcement at your doorstep, seek to support yourself, your relationship and your family with an effective domestic abuse treatment so you are best equipped to break the cycle of family violence. You can ask the court to assist by ordering domestic abuse therapy as a part of the corrections component. This way you draw from both legal consequences as well as a behavior change remedy.

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