Psychological Abuse - 3 Secrets to
Saving Your Sanity in Domestic Abuse Divorce

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

A common threat to battered women in divorce proceedings is their perpetrator’s use of psychology to officially, yet improperly, establish that they are mentally ill. And all too often, these domestic violence survivors sit back and do nothing to prevent this from happening.

They are flooded with the mental/emotional assault and, like a deer caught in headlights, show startle...sever startle that is in many cases paralyzing and debilitating.

If you are a domestic abuse survivor and you suspect that you are being set up to be backed into wearing a psychiatric label that is being established to discredit, silence, contain or punish you, what would you do?

My suspicion is you have options that you may not have considered. Here are some key steps you can do to protect yourself from being improperly labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis.

FIRST, find a credible psychologist that is knowledgeable in domestic violence dynamics and the psychosocial politics of domestic abuse. Secure your own evaluation from this professional.

SECOND, keep this to yourself. You have a right to a second opinion and you have a right to “privilege;” that is, your communications and involvement with a your psychologist are confidential.

THIRD, consult with a professional that can show you how to block the strategies that are commonly used to fabricate mental illness. Study the tactics and heighten your awareness of their subtle manifestations.

By doing this you will more likely prevent legal-psychiatric abuse typical of domestic violence divorce. And in the long run, you will increase your likelihood of obtaining the outcome you desire in your divorce proceedings.

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