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Domestic Violence Healing: Inner Healing

for Inner and Outer Bruises

domestic violence consulting expert


By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.


What is the actual platform that evokes the mind-body self-repair mechanism, and how do you invoke it to mend inner and outer bruises of domestic violence?

Often we hear of domestic violence survivors struggling to access their self-repair mechanism at will largely because they are not accustomed to doing so. When our bodies are at a maximum state of rest, purification is inevitable. Our system is built to release that which is toxic and that which impedes proper functioning. 

So how do you introduce yourself to this level of psychophysiological rest? That is the real question.  

In over 25 years of teaching self-regulation to people from all walks of life, I realize that learning this skill is a matter of surrender and discipline. By that I mean: surrendering to the process and putting forth discipline of regular practice, with innocent yet clear intention. 

The platform is the pristine rest and the mechanism invoking this is inward effortless attention until the boundaries between inward and outward disappear. Now I realize that this may be sounding a bit out there. Trust me it is right here, and inside for all those who seek natural self-repair. 

Your Turn

Take a moment and let yourself feel the life of breath moving in and out of you, as though it breathes you. You can even think the thought, “It breathes me.”  

For a moment, go ahead and close your eyes and notice the bodily sensations associated with inhalation and exhalation. Now stay with this without forcing attention to behave for you, but rather ever so gently guiding yourself back to the designated point of focus as you drift—which you will, as this too is part of the process.  

In fact it is this drifting that is the mental counterpart of the releasing inherent in self-repair. It is where the gold of health is. Come to know it. It is the foundation for self-healing both inner and outer bruises.

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