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Domestic Violence Healing at Its Best:

Bio-behavioral Medicine for Healing from Domestic Abuse

By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

For over 25 years, I’ve taught biofeedback, meditation and stress reduction to individuals with chronic medical conditions and debilitating psychological disorders. It was extremely rewarding to be a party to the magic of the human body’s self-repair process.

...A satisfaction surpassed only by the delight I drew from engaging the intellect of my patients to help them embrace the rapture of their own health and mending process…plus serving as a coach to ignite a discipline as regular as breathing…all awhile unveiling psychological processes calling for attention. 

The long and the short: bio-behavioral medicine is what we called it then. You may know it as “holistic healing” or “mind-body medicine.” It has many names. 

I developed, managed and delivered treatment for professional practice serving metro Chicago. As I look back, what I’m keenly aware of today is how the learning and healing nuggets of this work fills the longings of the people currently drawn to me for service. 

Why Biofeedback and Meditation for Domestic Abuse Survivors 

Over the last seven years, I have dedicated my professional life to helping domestic violence survivors. My energy had been consumed by the legal rubble and social political hullabaloo of domestic abuse advocacy. I just realized I not only want to, and can, serve domestic abuse survivors with bio-behavioral medicine; rather I must serve this population in this way. Here’s why. 

Biofeedback, meditation and stress reduction training coupled with psychotherapy will help you find the “YOU” behind the chatter…the “YOU” behind and before your abusive partner…the “YOU” that resides at the core of your being, where all is well…where you are whole, happy, at peace with yourself and with the universe.

If you need help in healing in or after an abusive relationship, contact us. Dr. Jeanne King helps individuals recognize and end domestic abuse, and heal from abusive relationships

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Dr. Jeanne King is a licensed psychologist and domestic abuse consultant. Feel free to contact us if you need help with physical and/or emotional pain, stress-related illnesses, or relationship abuse issues at home or in court. Contact Us to reach Dr. King.