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Domestic Abuse Prevention

Is Early Detection

The absolute best cure for domestic abuse is prevention and early detection is the key to prevention. It is far easier to prevent entrapment in an abuse dynamic than it is to extract oneself from it. And more often then not, there is a significant price paid for dismantling one’s entrapment. That’s not to say that leaving isn’t one’s best choice, but leaving freely is rare.

We hear of women losing their physical and/or mental health, losing contact with their children and in some cases losing their life in their quest for safety. If you suspect that you are in an abusive relationship, seek to know your truth. Learn the underlying dynamics and how they live in an intimate relationship. Better to know early, before it spirals out of control.

You may have heard me say this before and you may even wonder why I’m so vocal about this issue. One woman wrote back thinking I was merely trying to sell the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen.

No, that’s not the reason for my commitment to this belief. Rather it is because I know, not only from my patients, also first-hand, the entrapment of intimate partner violence and the exhilaration of breaking free.

I left the jurisdiction of my state to stop my former ex-husband’s use of the system to batter and control me. My commitment to this cause of “early detection” is that no one should know the losses my children and I endured.

If my writing can inspire you to divert your entering into a dangerously abusive relationship, then this rhetoric will serve as it is intended.

To your health, peace and well-being.

Jeanne King, Ph.D.


©Copyright 2008 Dr. Jeanne King Consultants, LLC All Rights Reserved.

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Author Bio

Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D psychologist, author and speaker, helps people recognize the subtle communication patterns of verbal emotional abuse—what supports it and what interrupts it. Author of All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control, Dr. King developed the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen to help people properly identify, understand and stop domestic abuse before it spirals out of control.

©Copyright 2008 Dr. Jeanne King Consultants, LLC All Rights Reserved.


Dr. Jeanne King is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing is the treatment of pain, stress-related illness, and relationship abuse issues pertaining to survivor safety and recovery. If you need help, Contact Us