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Our Dedication

Battered women, breaking out of abusive relationships, show up in all shapes and forms. There are those that run in the middle of the night, and those that go before their abusers come home for dinner. There are those who flee with babies in diapers, and those who wait until the children are in college. There are those who leave without their children and many who have no children. Then, there are some who leave mentally, emotionally and/or psychologically—in hopes to remain physically and survive.

They are rich; they are poor. Some are educated and some are not. They are black, white, yellow and many of mixed origin. These women are of all faiths and religious orientations, some believing in God and many without this belief. 

There are as many versions of this story as there are people living it. But there are only a few key themes that characterize this particular syndrome. They are clear, distinct and when they are yours, you know it. You may not admit it to yourself or to others, but on a primal level you are aware of your being violated, and it hurtsYou are not alone.

“Every 15 seconds” a woman is battered by a partner who tells her he loves her.

"Four million women” are abused in a single year.

“50% of all women” are battered during marriage.

"1 in 3 women " will be assaulted by an intimate partner in her lifetime.

This website is dedicated to the memory of all those individuals who didn’t recognize their circumstances in time to devert the danger and salvage their lives, …and to all those living in the heartbreak of violence hitting home.


Statsistics from American Medical Associaltion and Comprehensive Health Survey of American Women.

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