Automatic Writing Is Healing,
No Matter What You Write

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

We hear that writing about traumatic experiences is healing. Itís suggested that this has to do with the releasing effect that writing facilitates. Iím convinced thereís more to it.

Letís talk about the healing effect of the process of writing in general. When one embraces a block of thought with effortless, focused attention until it expresses itself, rapture ensues.

The writing takes a life of its own, with thoughts and images spontaneously emerging. In order to sustain the flow, a certain amount of intentional, yet easy, attention must envelop the moment. And in this is a fragment of creative absorption.

Now with practice, one cultivates the capacity to sustain this attentional state and in so doing encounters an afterglow. Iím convinced that some mending, normalization and restoration has occurred. Even more, there is a rising of energy that is a natural high.

Effortless Automatic Writing Is Meditative

I donít even think it matters what you write about, so long as you write, or shall I say express yourself from this intentional, effortless attention. The ancient masters may call it a ďsidha,Ē or a meditation in action. When a meditative state carries over into activity and is sustained in action, it becomes more established...and the peace more profound.

So when people ask me, how I can write about abuse and not get down, I think to myself, ďHow can I write about anything and get down?Ē

If you are drawn to writing, experiment with the intentional, effortless production of the thoughts, ideas and experiences that you seek to share. It will amaze you how healing the simple activity of automatic writing can be, regardless of the topic.

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