Healing from Psychological & Mental Abuse: The Truth about Thoughts & Your Peace

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

The mental and emotional baggage we bring with us following an abusive relationship can be as disturbing as the relationship itself. What can you do to relieve yourself of the consequence of destructive mental chatter, or a relentless thought that colors your day and brings you down or spirals you into states of anguish?

Mental-Emotional-Physical States

We know from psycho-physiology that a thought in the cortex triggers a limbic (emotional brain) hypothalamic-pituitary response, which merely causes specific glandular reactions and subsequent body system effects to occur. >

Now I donít want to lose you in the academia here; rather, I want you to know that your thoughts are intimately tied to your emotions and to your physical experiencing of feeling states.

Your Thoughts Are not You

If you are feeling emotional distress, you can be certain that you have attached to a thought that is not true for you. You are attached to a thought that doesnít express your highest good.

If you put that thought to inquiry, as Byron Katie says, you may discover other thoughts that are more true for you. And the original thought may indeed let go of you, leaving you without the feeling of emotional distress.

Letting Go of the Post Abuse Thinking

If you are a domestic abuse survivor, Iím certain that you have your fair share of emotional distress. Consider the fact that these feeling states are the outcome of thoughts that are actually not true for you.

They are thoughts that block who and what you authentically are. And once you investigate these thoughts you re-open to the peace and well-being that is truly YOU.

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