Domestic Violence Survivors
The Key to Thriving in Spite of
and After Domestic Abuse

Dr. King



by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Do you believe that battered women with a spiritual practice have a less compromising path to domestic violence recovery than those without a spiritual practice?

Now at first, as I pose this question, it seems absurd to even utter that an exit out from domestic violence isn’t compromising to the abused. However, I do believe that those who embrace a spiritual practice have a tendency to weather the blow easier than those without.

Or, maybe it is more accurate to say that they more readily swing back than those without a spiritual practice. These women not only survive; they thrive beyond the domestic abuse.

I have observed this consistently in all the years I have worked with battered women. In their spiritual practice, these women hold the keys to thriving beyond survival.

It’s Not About You

Battered women with a spiritual practice know the YOU that extends beyond their circumstances. They know they are not their thoughts. They understand that they are not their feelings. And they certainly are not their actions, much less his.

From the core of their being, they get that they are the essence from which all else comes. As they operate from this grace, they hold a perspective that empowers even while disempowered by their abuser.

They appreciate that no matter how much battering is thrown their way, life exists beyond the scum of domestic abuse. When you see these women outside of their abusive relationships, it’s hard to believe that they actually live in one.

Everlasting Infinite Well-being

These women know well-being beyond that doled out in and through their abusive relationship. Even though they know that their abusive partners expect that they only find happiness “from” them, they manage to maintain other avenues for personal satisfaction.

The conditioning in their abusive relationship may inspire secrecy around their habits and measures towards personal well-being. But, nonetheless...whether public or private, the spiritual practice that sustains them continues on.

Thriving as a Domestic Abuse Survivor

If you are in an abusive relationship, look at the part of your life beyond being battered. That is the part of you that you know when you are not feeling “raw” after an altercation. It is the part of you that you embrace when you are not running...and when you are not thoroughly exhausted and cannot go.

It is the YOU underneath your actions, behind your feelings, and between your thoughts. It is the silent stillness within you. Look to nourish this essence and it will sustain you beyond the abusive relationship.

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