Healing Parental Alienation
The Mother-Adult Child Reunion

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

What happens to the battered mother-abused child relationship once the children outgrow “legalized control?” Can you overcome the parental alienation?

These questions come across my desk by readers and from the hearts of patients globally. My answer is that the core mother-child relationship will always be there even if it is tainted with pain, propaganda and confusion.

Mother’s Remnants of the Abusive Relationship

In her words…

“If you throw darts at me and bruise me in every way, shape and form—from assaulting my character to robbing me of my natural civil rights—then there are consequences. What remains is for me to deal with…within myself and with my children.

It may mean that I feel the scars from the wounds inflicted whenever I see or feel you through our children. It may mean that I remain committed to never allowing you entry into my life. But it does not mean that I am your victim.

To the contrary, you are the puppet of your own making, and you no longer hold my strings. I hold my strings. I am the embodiment of all that I have lived and the universe from which I am.”

When you own that, my friend, you are free from the abusive relationship that you have endured. But how will your children see you? …And will your relationship with them survive the parental alienation?

Adult Child’s Remnants of Abusive Relationships

Chances are they will carry the mother-child bond that you have with them until the day that they die. It is part of who they are, as our experience is part of us.

They may feel you from that space and intermix their perception from the mental airbrushing that has been their life in your absence. Their challenge is to reconcile that ambiguity. Most important is that it’s their job, not yours.

Be mindful that, when you interact with your adult child after the parental alienation, you are still their mother. And the relationship you create is what you long for it to be. As you hold that and groom it as such, it takes a life of its own for you and your adult child to hold

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