Money Matters, Especially When
Domestic Abuse Is in Divorce Court

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

“My head is in the sand, and the system is not working.” “I’m worried about money, intimidated by financial matters, and don’t care about understanding our marital estate.” If you can identify with this, then trust that this article is written for YOU.

It’s no wonder that the system is not working. You are not working the system. Now, I realize that these words may sound harsh. They are not intended to offend; rather, these words are here to help you better navigate the legal system in your divorce.

Far too often domestic abuse survivors are faced with new challenges on top of the already building stress of divorce and custody proceedings. These challenges call upon their embracing the money matters of their marital estate and of the legal psychiatric system.

But, for many of these women—deep down inside—money doesn’t matter. And embracing the finances of their family, much less the financial politics of their divorce, is not a priority.

The net result of their failure to capitalize on an opportunity to make the legal healthcare system work for them is that it doesn’t work for them. To the contrary, it works against them—leaving them saying, “the system doesn’t work.”

Here is something you must do to move through your resistance to learning about how money matters, and ultimately improve your positioning in your divorce and custody proceedings.

1) Ask yourself if there has been any financial discovery taken from your spouse.

2) If there has been no discovery, then ask, why not?

3) Request counsel to arrange a deposition of your spouse on financial matters.

4) If there is no follow through on this request, you have a wealth of information from which to proceed, regarding the financial politics of your case.

5) If there is incomplete...that is grossly production, you have more information to work with and to add to your strategy.

The most important thing for you to realize is that money does matter. And your understanding of your family’s financial picture will open doors for you to better position yourself in your divorce.

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