Spousal Abuse Legal –
The Lion’s Den of Divorce Lawyers and
the Betrayal of Victimization

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

I have heard people say counsel for the abused can be as, if not more, abusive to victims of domestic abuse than the abusers they seek refuge from. You may have heard this, too.

What I see along these lines is utterly horrific. Women being financially raped, sexually lured...and ultimately buried in betrayal.

And we ask, how can this be? Why do the people that are thought to be here to protect you from your abuser own legal privilege to abuse you, too?

ANSWER: Because they can. And they can get away with it. That’s why they do!

Think about it...Vulnerable woman walks into his office and the divorce attorney is the first person to provide a sense of promise...of relief...of hope for safety and security.

And this woman, so needing to believe in her parting from the nightmare that surrounds her home, opens up to a lion larger than life. Only to discover after tens of thousands of dollars, she is penniless.

Or her $90,000 settlement comes to her in the form of a check of $25,000, even though she was current on his fees.

Are these women innocent, blind and ignorant about legal abuse? Or are they simply guilty of looking in the wrong place for remedy, or in the right place, the wrong way?

My sense is they are desperate, naive, vulnerable, ripe for and accustomed to victimization, and project “you can take advantage of me.” Sound familiar?

If you’ve read my writing you know my belief about how to be when faced with abuse. No one deserves to be abused. And no one deserves to be taken advantage of on their way out of an abusive relationship.

To help insure that you walk this path with your integrity intact, your rights protected and counsel actually working for you, find a consultant to walk along side with you to help you avoid the snakes and ploys of legal domestic abuse.

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Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. – Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention

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