Stop Verbal Abuse -
3 Signs You Are a Candidate for Therapy

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

A knee-jerk response to a battering loved one is to “fix” them in therapy. You heard me. Drag them into therapy so that they change. Fix this boy, this girl, this man, this woman. And fix them right now!

However, therapy is an inside job. When it is inspired from anything other than what’s internal to the person in therapy, it’s likely that the intended change will not occur.

How do you know if you or your loved one is a candidate for effective psychotherapy? Before spending your money on therapy, consider these readiness factors.

1) You hurt. You are harboring discomfort that you long to resolve. Whether it is about yourself, someone in your life or some circumstance you encounter, you long to see things differently.

2) You hurt. You know on some level, though not necessarily a conscious level, that the way you are processing what disturbs you is not bringing about the remedy you desire.

3) You hurt. You are willing to explore possibilities, even though you may be clouded with defensiveness that supports what disturbs you. Whether it is in yourself, in another or in some life circumstance, you are committed to it being different.

Now there are always varying levels of psychotherapeutic readiness. Therefore, when evaluating your likelihood to benefit from therapy, be mindful of these factors. If they resonate with you to any degree, you are ready.

Your job now is to find the right type of therapy, a therapist with the appropriate expertise and for whom you are comfortable talking with, working with and, most importantly, for whom you trust.

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