Spousal Emotional Abuse - 3 Deadly Mistakes
in Hiding from Verbal Abuse in Marriage

Dr. King

by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Verbal abuse in marriage makes for a toxic home. You feel it in the air, smell it in your living space, see its brutal impact on yourself as well as on little ones dependent upon you.

You know this from the core of your being, yet when victimized by verbal abuse in marriage, there is a tendency to sweep the big elephant under the carpet, and hope and pray you wonít trip over him.

Here are three deadly mistakes one can make by hiding from verbal abuse in your marriage.

1) It doesnít go away just because you pretend itís not happening. To the contrary, it becomes the marital habit shared by you and your partner. Moreover, it even expands both externally and internally.

2) The inner crime of defining yourself in terms of your spouseís verbal abuse. This is what I mean by expanding internally. The verbal assaults scorned at you are the messages you carry with you that echo in the silent space between your intentional, conscious thoughts.

3) Social paralysis evolving out of your tendency to project the emotional verbal abuse onto others. When in the company of friends, family and co-workers, you may find yourself reading the messages harbored within into your interaction with others.

If you live in a marriage in which you routinely experience verbal abuse, recognize the death sentence you give yourself when you sweep this ugly elephant under the carpet or try to shove it in a closet. The sooner you see the emotional verbal abuse for what it is, the better you will cope and minimize the effects of being battered verbally by your spouse.

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