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Family Violence&Legal Domestic Abuse

Discover How to Stop Domestic Abuse

before It Spirals Out of Control

Understand the Relationship between

Family Violence & Legal Domestic Abuse


  From the desk of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

  Wednesday February 21, 2024

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wondered or asked the question, “Is my attorney working for me or for my soon-to-be ex, then I encourage you to embrace this message and take advantage of the following.

How do you know if your dangerous relationship

is getting better or worse?

When the authorities take your abusers fists and/or weapons out of the family violence equation, giving you and your children orders of protection, one door is closed and a need is created to open another.

And then, we are surprised when the perpetrator lines up his or her allies from the very pool of resources allegedly in place to keep the domestic violence in check. I’m surprised at our surprise. 

You see it is an escalating cycle of reaching for the next weapon…be it word, fist, gun, healthcare professional, court agent or The Judge!

To see how to protect yourself when domestic violence becomes legal domestic abuse, understand the dynamics of abusive relationships in general (whether at home or in court). “Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse” CD shows you these dynamics from family to court and more…much more.


With the help of your insights, all of the shame has left me and I've grabbed the bull by the horns.

Litigant in divorce proceeding with an abuser. (Name and location intentionally omitted.)

To hear a sample clip from the “Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse” live interview, visit Domestic Violence Divorce.

I did a 180 degree turn from being paralyzed by legal ploys to getting my voice before the court. Thank you for all of this useful information."

Litigant in post-divorce/custody proceeding with an abuser. (Name and location intentionally omitted.)


In this information packed, original unedited live 25 minute radio interview with Dr. Jeanne King “Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse,” you will learn:

  How an abuser can use the court to continuing battering

What is the system’s rationale for re-victimization?


Secrets to “pathologizing” and criminalizing victims of domestic abuse

Advice for someone who’s spouse has the disposition and financial means to re-victimize the family

Criminal matters in civil proceedings: systemic dilemma

Stereotypes of abusers and battered spouses

Red flags and subtle signs of abusive relationships
Insights on help for abusers; hope for battered spouses
Effects on children who grow up in family violence


I'd finally grasped the profile of the abuser, but until I read Dr. King's book I hadn't made the leap of understanding required to see how this profile infiltrates entire legal systems.

Kathryn Kazan, MSW, CISW, Flagstaff AZ


The Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse Live Radio Interview will help you identify legal domestic syndrome, abuse of process and systemic abuse before you are blindsided by its grip. Your understanding of this dynamic could save you—your life, your children, your job, your savings and your home.


You Can Benefit Immediately with Downloadable FREE Bonuses

You can start to benefit from this invaluable information IMMEDIATELY because with your order of Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse today, you will ALSO get Dr. King's latest Special Reports on Dangerous Relationships and an e-book containing invaluable insights from her book All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control.

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Domestic Violence


E-Book, complied excerpts from All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control (by Dr. Jeanne King), entitled The Dangerous Myths & Shocking Truths about Domestic Abuse, which contains 30 pages of Powerful, Insightful Information on Abusive Relationships, including:

Why Couples Therapy Is Dangerous with Domestic Abuse Victims

How Emotional Abuse Maintains the Threat of Physical Abuse

Identifying Two Types of Batterers: Cobras and Pit Bulls

Why an Abused Partner Stays in an Abusive Relationship

What Keeps the Cycle of Intimate Partner Violence Going

How Intermittent, Positive Reinforcement Binds Abusive Relationships

How Learned Helplessness Maintains the Cycle of Violence

How the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Personality Sustains the Abuse Cycle

Themes Common to Family Violence and Judicial Abuse

12 Myths and Insightful Special Reports on the Facts about Domestic Abuse,

for example:

Myth 1 Men who abuse their partners are uneducated, socially inept and outwardly aggressive. Learn the Facts...

Myth 2 Women often provoke men into battering them and deserve to be beaten. Learn the Facts...

Myth 3 Battered women could stop abusive behavior by changing their own behavior. Learn the Facts...

Myth 4 Alcohol and drug abuse cause abusive behavior. Learn the Facts...

Myth 5 Batterers cannot control their anger. Learn the Facts...

Myth 6 Women who stay in abusive relationships are crazy; they must enjoy being abused, otherwise they would leave. Learn the Facts...

...and many more facts & myths about intimate partner violence.


Systemic Abuse: The Challenge Facing Domestic Abuse Survivors

Far too often, domestic abuse survivors go from the frying pan to the fire on their way out of an abusive relationship. And they wonder how this can happen. While it doesn’t always happen, it’s more common than most people realize. This Special Report shines the light on the concept of “systemic abuse,” what causes it, symptoms of it and what to do when entangled in it.


Psychological Emotional Abuse: It's Not About You

Some psychological emotional abuse is so subtle; it blind-sides you before you have identified it. And you remain overlooked, devalued and confused. This Special Report looks at psychological emotional abuse and tells you how to deal with it and what to do when confronted with its signs.


You Are Moments Away from Discovering

How to Break the Cycle of Abuse at home and in court.


We are so confident that the information and insights you obtain from the Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse CD and Bonuses will benefit and help you, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. That's right, if this package of information and insights is of no value to you, send the CD back to us and we'll refund your money AND you can keep all of the downloadable bonuses free.

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Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse CD plus downloadable Bonuses

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   Intimate Partner Violence




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If you are concerned as to why the abuse you longed to bring to a halt appears to be cascading into more troubling circumstances, you can’t afford not to have this information, nor can you afford to wait.

Whatever your intentions are, if there is something you can do now to protect your children and yourself, wouldn't you want to know that today? Wouldn't it be best to have this information now while you still have options.

For less than 10% of the cost of an expert consultation, you will have an enormous amount of insight, knowledge and understanding to help you in your journey to safety, peace and closure for yourself and your family.

May there be peace, remedy and well-being for you and yours.

Kindest regards,

Jeanne King, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Author, Speaker


"I knew I was in trouble but didn't understand where it was coming from, much less how to address it, until I heard the Family Violence and Legal Domestic Abuse CD."

(Name and location intentionally omitted.)


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Intimate Partner Violence

Click Here to take your first step to breaking the cycle of abuse before it spirals out of control!


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...and save 20%... $14.36


The net profits from product sales on this website are donated to Partners in Prevention, a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to helping healthcare professionals recognize and stop domestic abuse.

End the hurt. Recognize psycholgical abuse and abuse of process.

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