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Prevailing Amidst Adversity

Surviving Abusive Control e-Insight

When faced with adversity, negative feelings arise...negative emotion soars. This is natural and to be expected. When we are threatened and/or violated, we get angry and/or scared.

If we focus on the adversity exclusively and become the negative emotion, we invite more of it onto us. What we focus on expands. 

If we try to resist the adversity, we compel it to persist. What we resist persists. 

However if we chose to focus, instead, on our most fundamental core life comments, our personal goals, we bypass the potential impact of the negative emotion and its precipitating adversity. And we prevail.

We thrive and we strengthen our personal commitments, our life goals and ourselves.


Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D psychologist, author and speaker, helps people recognize the subtle communication patterns of verbal emotional abuse—what supports it and what interrupts it. Author of All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control, Dr. King developed the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen to help people properly identify, understand and stop domestic abuse before it spirals out of control.

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Dr. Jeanne King is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing is the treatment of pain, stress-related illness, and relationship abuse issues pertaining to survivor safety and recovery. If you need help, please contact Dr. Jeanne King Consultants, LLC