"Abused Men: Understanding, Ending and
Healing from Intimate Partner Abuse"

Abused Men

From the Desk of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Dear Survivor,

Being in an abusive relationship is like framing yourself in a lie. Your life may look so ďrightĒ from the outside looking in. But, your home life is far from right.

You know that the abuse to you is wrong, and you seem to be the only one in your relationship who grasps this. In fact, you are led to believe that ďitís all in your head."

Your partner may say, "You have a say; youíre just a loser and donít speak. Your life is great; you just donít appreciate a good thing."

Your decisions are not your own, and your voice remains unheard. You are alone. And your loneliness is compounded by the fact that you are a man in an abusive relationship.

Leaving is not an option, as your job is to make ďthisĒ work. Leveling the playing field with respect to the aggression in your relationship isnít possible because from where you stand, real men donít hit women.

But your manliness is emasculated, so you wonder what is your role in this abusive relationship? Being numb is no longer working because on a primal level you know that no one deserves to be denied the respect and privileges of being human. No one has the right to control you as you are controlled in your intimate relationship.

Weíve just met, so let me introduce myself...as you may be wondering, why listen to me?

I have been helping people identify intimate partner violence, child abuse and legal domestic abuse for nearly a decade. And I serve as a consulting expert on both civil and criminal cases of domestic violence.

The first book I wrote on the subject, All But My Soul, became a college textbook in criminal justice. Since this time, Iíve published over 230 articles on identifying, ending and healing from domestic violence and the legal abuse syndrome.

I am a seasoned licensed psychologist of 27 years. And this background gives me the benefit of understanding the psychosocial dynamics that bind abusive relationships as well as the mechanics of healing relationship violence.

Knowing "It" from the Inside Out

Healing Wisdom

But all of my knowledge about the dynamics of domestic abuse and healing from it doesnít come from the hundreds of books I have read or from the people I have helped. It also comes from the fact that I, too, lived the nightmare of family violence and spousal abuse.

So I know it from the inside out as well. And I know how hard it is to sort out what's his/hers from whatís yours.

I truly understand how important it is for you to clearly identify and end intimate partner abuse. And I know the benefits this will yield to you and to your entire family.

Learn to Recognize, End and Heal from Abuse
to Men by Their Female Partners

In as little as one afternoon, you will be on your way to identifying and ending intimate partner abuse as it lives in your relationship. This clarification and understanding will equip you with the tools to interrupt the cycle of abuse and heal from the impact of being battered by your intimate partner.

"With the help of your insights, I have been able to pull myself out of the doghouse. Thank you." Anonymous Survivor

"A big eye-opener. Even "smart" guys sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. Thanks!!!!" Anonymous Reader

"For the first time, I experienced "being heard." Reading these books resonated too deeply at times, and on other occasions gave voice and perspective to unresolved questions that have been brewing within. Thank you so much! I found it an enormously beneficial, enlightening and supportive experience." Anonymous Survivor

"It reinforced for me more about what I had acknowledged about the abuse. I must say it even validates the victim too. They will realize where the crazy making and confusion that an abuser does to his or her victim comes from." Anonymous Survivor

"It really empowers men to take a stand for themselves....to do the right thing....for everyone's sake." Anonymous Reader

"The information you offer men in abusive relationships is invaluable." Anonymous Survivor

Abused Men: How to Break the Cycle and Heal

Features and Benefits

Helps you understand the basis for the shame you experience being abused by your female partner, giving you insight into how to break the insidious cycle of abuse.

Reveals the role of silence and responsibility in your being the "macho superman," which shows you what maintains and what breaks the control dynamics.

Provides insight into your life as the "emotional endurer," helping you open up to breaking free and tapping into your inner resources and emotional strength.

Shows you the 4 ways that abusers control their victims, giving you greater clarity as to the dynamics in play when women batter men.

Looks closely at the issue of unilateral decision making in abusive relationships, showing you how to recognize this covert control tactic characteristic of intimate partner abuse.

Reveals the difference between jealously and envy in abusive relationships, so you can more effectively deal with each as they arise in your own relationship.

Discloses the 7 realities of verbal emotional abuse, giving you greater insight into the subtle communication patterns of abusive relationships.

Reveals the essential distinction between intimate partner abuse and interactional relationship violence, so you can confidently recognize the roles assumed within battering relationships.

Shows you the dynamics underlying the common ploy of perpetrators masking as victims, giving you the understanding to cope with this maneuver should you encounter it in your own relationship.

Tells you why marital therapy is not helping to improve your relationship, opening you up to more productive options for therapeutic change for your battering spouse and for yourself.

Shows you how to deal with someone who always tells you that you are wrong, giving you the perspective you need to hold your own in these combative encounters.

Gives you the 3 keys to dealing with verbal abuse in marriage, helping you weather and overcome the impact of partner verbal abuse.

Offers answers to your questions about how you may help protect your minor children in and from abusive relationships while in your marriage or during divorce.

Discloses the 5 keys to healing battered men and abusive women, inspiring hope for change for you, for your partner and for your relationship.


For as little as one-fifth of a professional consultation, you can have all of this information and insight, today.


And even better, you can have it right now from this website in a downloadable PDF file. No delivery, no shipping. Simple easy immediate access to help you usher in peace of mind and well-being today.

And thatís not all. You will also receive 3 special reports (valued at $15) when you obtain your Abused Men: How to Break the Cycle and Heal eBook today.

7 Signs Your Attorney Has a Vested Interest in Helping Your Opposition

Conditioning that Kills from the Inside Out in Abusive Relationships

Biofeedback and Self-Regulation Training for Healing Domestic Abuse

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Abused Men
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May there be peace and well-being for you and yours.

Kindest regards,

Partners in Prevention
Jeanne King, Ph.D.
Rosemary King
Steve Rose
Wes Hahn

PS. Break the silence before the abuse spirals out of control.

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Abused Men
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